Dream bedroom

It would be really cool to be able to design my own bedroom. I would want something just nice and modern and clean. With also a good view and floor to ceiling windows.

  1. There must be a great view that I can look out of when I wake up. And I want there to be a door that goes on a deck with some chairs and a view of the ocean.
  2. There needs to be a clean neat room with nice furniture. I want my furniture colors to be white, black, and grey https://www.furniturerow.com/locations/Draper/UT/100049
  3.   There needs to be a desk that I can sit at and do homework and on top of that a shoe wall. And I could put pictures on the desk and just a place to sit.
    This is the type of windows I want

    This is a desk I want in my room


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