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20 things to do before I turn 20

There are so many options to chose from before I turn 20. But the number one thing I want to do is go to Bora Bora. It seems like a really fun and tropical place to go to. Number 2 is to buy a pet pig. I know it doesn’t seem like much but I have wanted one since I was little. Number 3 is to go swim with sharks again. It seems scary but it was actually really fun! Number 4 is to go skydiving. Im absolutely terrified but it seems like it would be fun and also I could get over a fear. Number 5 is I want to start a jewelry business. I would make it cheap but I would want to start it with my friends and it seems super fun. Number 6 I would want to go and see the Northern Lights. Number 7 go on a safari. Number 8 snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. Number 9 Learn another language. Number 10 go on a multiple day road trip.  Number 11 see the Eiffel tower. Number 12 go on a tropical hike in Hawaii. Number 13 take an Alaskan Cruise. Number 14 see my favorite band with all my friends. Number 15 go Glamping. Number 16 learn to play an instrument. Number 17 run a marathon. Number 18 right a story. Number 19 go on a trip to California with all my friends. Number 20 see the pyramids with my family.